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Map Tiles

Add your own custom Map Tiles to the Live Map

Map Tiles

You can add your own custom map tile to the Live Map. Whether its your own hosted map tiles or use a third party service that allows for map tile overlay, you can use it show additional informatin about anything you think is relevant to the Live map experience. It could be additional weather information, IFR approach plates and so much more.

You will need to be a Patreon supporter by becoming a "Become a Aviation Data Expert!" member on Patreon to access this feature.

Get Started

Visit your Live map settings within your account settings to add a Name and full URL. Make sure you include {z}, {x}, and {y} in the URL itself. This will be replaced with the proper zoom and coordinates when your overlay is being shown on the map.


How to Access

Once you added your URLs you'll get a new option on the Live Map. Just click the icon to see all your URLs added. For each of them you can enable and disable the map tiles as well as set the opacity.