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Introducing virtualBOE. A 'Virtual Airline' to fly Boeing Flights on Flight Simulation

Get Started

virtualBOE is a 'virtual Airline' that simulates real-life Boeing Flight Activity on Flight Simulation via the online VATSIM, IVAO or Infinite Flight networks. It also supports other Multiplayer networks such as FSCloud. Its totally up to you which Boeing Aircraft you choose and where you want to fly.

The idea started in early March 2020 during the middle of the Coronavius (COVID-19) Pandemic in which millions of people were forced to be stuck at home. The purpose allowed Aviation enthusiasts to get into the Virtual World to fly their favorite Boeing Aircraft and still enjoy the world of Aviation from the comfort of their own homes.

How it Works

Its very easy to get started. When flying on the online Flight Simulation Networks use a callsign on your Flight starting with BOE (Boeing) or GTI4 (Dreamlifter). On Infinite Flight you can also use the callsign starting with BOEING. That's it! By doing that your Flight will automatically show up on the LIVE Map.

If you want to join the virtualBOE 'Virtual Airline' signup for a BOE Family Flights account, then go to your Account settings and 'Enable virtualBOE'. This then gives you the option to enter your Online Flight Simulation Network IDs/Display Name. The advantage of providing your Flight Simulaton Network IDs is that you will show up on the Pilot Roster, as well as your recent virtualAIB Flights will be visible in your own Virtual Pilot Profile (currently only available for VATSIM Pilots). In addition, your Flight position on the LIVE Map will show a special darker icon showing you as a virtualBOE Pilot.

You will also be able to "Book" any real-life Boeing Flights recorded in the BOE Family Flights Database and then have the ability to Plan your Flight. We even have Flight Planning integration with SimBrief to make the planning a lot easier and realistic.

If you don't know what online Flight Simulation Networks like VATSIM or IVAO are, that's ok. You can always fly offline on any Flight Simulator to your hearts content. However, you will not be able to take advantage of the extra online features with this 'Virtual Airline'.

And YES, virtualBOE also works on the new Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

VATSIM IVAO Infinite Flight

This section of the site contains content about Flight Simulation and any information displayed here should not be used in real-life Aviation.
The Flight Simulation Network IDs asked on these pages will only be used to retrieve and compare Network data and none of their data is ever being saved.
Thank you to SimBrief for the Flight Planning capability.